Welcome to the School District Web-Site.  We are pleased that you are continuing to reach out to your alma-mater.  If you are interested in what is going on in our building or with our students, please check out the buildings websites.  If you are interested in following our athletic programs and our fine arts programs, please view our athletic websites available on the front page or go to I-tunes and subscribe to our podcasts.  The Wrestling progam also provides access via facebook.


If you are interested in donating to the school district, please follow the donation link which will take you to LEAF (LeRoy Educational Advancement Foundation), or contact our District Office at 309/962-4211 and we will put you in contact with the appropriate organization.


If you are interested in nominating someone for membership in the LeRoy High School Hall of Fame, please click on the Hall of Fame link where you can view our current members and access the forms for nomination.


It is good to be a part of the "Panther Nation!"



Class Composite pictures are posted on this page.  All pictures that we have posted are ones that we have in our possession.  The originals will NOT be destroyed.  If you happen to have a class composite of a missing class, please bring that picture to us and we will be glad to post that picture along with the others.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the District Office at 309/962-4211.