Common Core

The Common Core in LeRoy Schools


Why Do We See Value in the Common Core Standards?

  • LeRoy does not teach to “the test.”  We believe in teaching to our students.  Common Core has provided us the necessary flexibility, allowing us to provide the innovative instructional practice that is needed to meet the competitive demands of a complex global economy.  Our commitment to innovative practice is consistent with our district vision for the future of our students.  These standards will allow a broadening of the application of learning and provide a greater depth of student understanding.

What is Applicable and What Concerns Us?

  • Educating for the unknown is a reality for our students and educators.  Facts are now available in seconds and our students’ ability to apply learning is infinitely more essential.

  • Broad standards are linked to specific and real world applications of learning.

  • Demonstrated learning at all grade levels involves student participation, collaboration, and dialogue.  Communication skills are essential in today’s environment and are currently under-taught skills.

  • Provides general expectations that are consistent and indifferent to geography.  Equity to career readiness is more likely to exist in a global economy when there is consistency in broad standards for learning.

  • Purchasing a “curriculum in a can” is an irresponsible approach to meeting the needs of our students, and does not adequately prepare them for the diverse world where our students will live and compete.

  • We share in a general concern that the math standards may exceed the instructional maturity of some learners, especially in the intermediate grades. 

How Will We Continue to Advance Our Local Approach to Learning?

  • We will maintain our emphasis on Literacy and Math Instruction.

  • We will continue to embed 21st Century Learning Skills.

  • We will continue to encourage the dialogue about learning between groups of students, teachers, and stakeholders.

  • We will continue to explore authentic learning opportunities for our students of all ages, through exploratory learning and internships.

  • We will seek partnerships beyond the walls of our buildings that will enhance student opportunities.

  • We will continue to embrace Mike Rowe’s philosophy related to the value of a good day’s work and how it relates to all of our students.

  • We will embrace a willingness to look at the business of education indifferent to what has always been done, and we will not allow the barrier of “status quo” to stand in the way of our effort to provide the children of LeRoy with an opportunity to compete in a complex global economy.


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