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From the Superintendent's Desk

  • Are there any solutions to Illinois's fiscal challenges?

    The current climate in Springfield makes the prospect of finding genuine solutions seem hopeless.  Those in Springfield have no problem pointing a finger at who they blame, stating why the other party is wrong, expressing which side does not care about the people, and excusing themselves because the challenge is …

  • National Champion!

    The Bloomington Area Career Center (BACC) continues to provide outstanding instruction and authentic career opportunities for the students of the Bloomington-Normal area.  In the age of increasing student debt and decreasing employment opportunity, the BACC has truly given our students a leg up in competing for careers after graduation and …

  • Reforming from a Long Way Away

    Earlier this week, the Superintendents of the Bloomington-Normal area were asked about the reform proposals coming out of Washington D.C.


    The question from Derek Beigh is posted below:




    I’m working on a local story about the update to No Child Left Behind passed by the Senate …

Calendar of Events

This calendar should provide you the necessary information to keep track of what we have going on thoughout our school district.  If you are looking for more comprehensive information about out athletic programs please refer to the following sites...



High School Athletics


Junior High Athletics


Why LeRoy Schools?

The community of LeRoy is located in central Illinois, approximately 30 minutes from Champaign/Urbana and 20 minutes from Bloomington/Normal. LeRoy can be referred to as the crossroads of downstate Illinois.  Interstate 74, and State Highways 150 & 136 all converge in LeRoy, providing a path to any direction that you could choose to go. 


Our proximity to the communities of Bloomington/Normal and Champaign/Urbana also provide easy access to unmatched healthcare, entertainment, and business opportunities.  We are 15 minutes from the Central Illinois Regional Airport, providing quick and easy access to the entire country.  Illinois State University and the University of Illinois, with all that they offer, are just a short drive from LeRoy. 


While a small community of nearly 4000, we are able to provide many of the amenities of a much larger community: a full service pharmacy, grocery store, hardware store, lumber yard, two banks, several restaurants, dental care, and medical care.  The most exciting new edition to our community is the “Replex”, a state of art community recreational center that boasts both an indoor and outdoor pool. Access, opportunity, and hospitality make our community a great place to live and raise a family.



So why choose the LeRoy Schools?

What's In Our Backyard

While LeRoy is a self-sustaining small town of nearly 4000 residents, our location in the center of McLean County Illinois provides so much more to the families of our community.  Whether it is that we are 10 minutes from a full service Regional Airport, 15 minutes to the State Farm Corporate Headquarters or 35 minutes to Fighting Illini Basketball, the access and opportunities are limitless.

Great Teachers Welcome