LeRoy Students Celebrate Success at BACC

With the ever-increasing cost of college and the challenges to compete in this global economy, LeRoy students are taking advantage of every opportunity to define their interests and gain practical career skills.  This year has been the strongest year for LeRoy as it relates to our participation in the Career Center, with more than 20 students expanding their educational opportunities and reaping several awards.  Mrs. Levingston has done a wonderful job of promoting the value of the BACC to our students and Tom Frazier, the director of the Career Center, has been essential to the expansion of opportunity for all of the students in the region.


Our award winners this year:


Graphic Design Class Junior Designers of the Year:  Hadley McKenzie and Sarah Welander 


Nurse Assistant Award of Excellence: Jessica Newton


Nurse Assistant Outstanding Achievement Award: Shelby Egan


Criminal Justice Award of Excellence: Jorri Sandage


BACC Scholarship Winner: Shelby Egan, $6,000 scholarship over 4 years!


Automotive Student of the Year: Michael Morgan


Nurse Assistant Student of the Year: Mackenzie Kerns 


Metalworking Student of the Year: Jesse Harms-Musgrave 


Technical Honor Society Inductees:

  • Shelby Egan Nurse Assistant 
  • Mackenzie Kerns Nurse Assistant 
  • Michael Morgan Automotive Technology
  • Jessica Newton Nurse Assistant
  • Jorri Sandage Criminal Justice
  • Jesse Harms-Musgrave Metalworking

Congratulations to all of our students and their parents.  It is our hope that you will continue to be great ambassadors for the Bloomington Area Career Center.  Thank you all for representing our school so well.