STEM Getting a Jump Start!

Students have been engaging in STEM lessons and problem solving activities throughout the summer as a part of the LeRoy Right Start Programming.  Katie Buckley, who has accepted a great deal of responsibility for advancing our STEM curriculum, recently received some great news. Our STEM club at LeRoy Elementary will be supported by; we have been selected to test STEM related products that are produced by Tenergy Corporation; and we have been able to partner with teachers from Bloomington District 87, to expand and enrich the STEM curriculum and classroom lessons in both districts.

The enriching activities that can be created through a STEM lesson are endless and our ability to increase relevance through the cross curricular opportunities provided in such activities will hopefully increase student enthusiasm for autonomous learning and problem solving.  This is a significant shift in instructional practice for our teachers and staff.  We are so grateful for their willingness to take the risks necessary to expand their skills and knowledge as professionals. 

These new strategies and opportunities build a very strong connection to what our community has established as a purpose for Education in LeRoy.