Registration for the 2016-17 school year at LeRoy CUSD #2 will be done mostly online.  If you have any difficulty with the online registration process, all documents necessary for registration are available below and at your child’s school.


An item of note for this year:  Please use personal e-mail addresses as contacts in Skyward. Some work e-mails and work computers, specifically State Farm, block our communication methods. If you are using your work e-mail or computer, it is possible you will not be able to complete online registration, even if you are trying to log in from home on a work laptop. 

Lessons Learned from previous years Online Registration

  1. Before doing anything in Skyward, you need to turn off your pop up blocker.

  2. Only Guardian 1 and 2 of Family 1 as listed in Skyward can register a child

  3. If you work at State Farm or Country Financial, you may experience a blocked site and may need to register your student from home on a personal computer.  Refer also to the note above.

  4. Be sure to click SUBMIT ONLINE REGISTRATION on the bottom right side of the last window. This will then generate an e-mail to you stating you have completed online registration. If your e-mail in Skyward is a work e-mail, specifically State Farm or Country Financial, there is a chance that this e-mail will be blocked. 


A student is not considered registered until ALL forms (Bus, Permissions, and other optional forms your child may need) are turned in and fees are paid.

Medical Forms