Wallace Ann Wesley

HOF Class of 2015

Dr. Wallace Ann Wesley was born December 16, 1913.  After graduation from Empire Township High School in 1931 (renamed LeRoy High School), Wesley graduated from Illinois State University in 1935 with a Bachelor of Education degree in physical education, biological science, and social science.  Following her mother's advice to continue her education, Wallace kept on attending school - 9 different universities.  She earned a PHD in areas ranging from ancient history, physical education, and physical therapy.


In 1943, she heard "Uncle Sam" needed people with her educational background in the military.  She attended Physical Therapy School and enlisted in the Women's Army Corps.  Wallace was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant and sent overseas to England and later on to France.  Her assignment was to work with men who had gunshot wounds through a lung and who had been Prisoners of War.


Wallace authorized Health and Growth textbooks for Scott Foresman; conducted research for the American Health Association and served as its Chairperson for several years.  In 1965 she was awarded the Society of Health and Physical Educators Award.  Dr. Wesley also received the 4-H Crested Clover Award for her service to 4-H in 1968.  In 1982, she received the "Distinguished Alumni Award" from Illinois State University.


Wallace Ann retired in1979 and moved back to LeRoy.  She continued serving others as a dispatcher for the LeRoy Emergency Ambulance Service and helped to tart the Peace Meal Program for seniors.