Dear LeRoy Alumni, Parents and Friends,


     The LeRoy Education Advancement Foundation, L.E.A.F., is a not-for-profit corporation organized in 1996 to supplement and enhance educational opportunities for the students of LeRoy Schools.  In its founding year, L.E.A.F. began by funding a supervised computer library and Internet access for LeRoy students and residents.  Since its inception, L.E.A.F. has also funded individual classroom grants that enhanced the day to day learning opportunities for our students. These have included classroom materials, educational field trips and supporting technology in the classroom.


    From July 1, 1996, to the present L.E.A.F. has contributed over $100,000 dollars to enhance learning experiences and support the future of our children.   In recent years L.E.A.F. has combined funds with the school district to purchase “Smart Boards” for the classrooms across the curriculum, establish teacher training centers, and help fund the development of special student training areas at the high school level. 


    We want to continue to play a vital role in our children’s education and future.  To do this we need your moral and financial support.  You may contribute cash gifts, endowments, memorials, or bequests.  You may want to donate by purchasing a Memory Tile for our Donor Wall.  Please consider honoring your loved one by helping to support this community’s children through education.  In addition you may contribute your time by participating in L.E.A.F.’s projects.  If you are interesting in volunteering with L.E.A.F. or making a donation, please contact Karin Morgan (morgank@leroyk12.org or 962-4211) in the LCUSD #2 District Office. All communications will be forwarded to the L.E.A.F. Board.                       




Shirley Chancellor , President of the Board of Directors 


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