Dud Berry Gym

JHHS Dud Berry Gym HVAC Project - External Communication


General Project Timeline

May 28 - August 12    JHHS Dud Berry Gym Closed

May 28 - June 7          IDEAL Environmental Asbestos Abatement (notice posted)

June 10 - August 11   Petry-Kuhne HVAC Renovation (building permit notice posted)

August 12                   JHHS Dud Berry Gym Released to District


Accessibility Timeline

May 28 - August 12   Dud Berry Gym, West locker rooms, Auxiliary Gym Halls Closed

May 28 - June 28        Main Entrance Door #1 Closed (Center Street)

May 28 - June 28        Temporary Main Entrance Door #8 (Pine Street)

May 28 - August 9      Northeast angled parking closed (Gym & Auxiliary Gym)

May 28 - August 9      Auxiliary Gym Door #14 open for practices and camps


Accessibility Planning

There will be no access to Dud Berry Gym, West locker rooms, Auxiliary Gym Hallways 

Priority access to the Auxiliary Gym and Weight Room will be given to LeRoy CUSD #2 Athletic Teams and Summer Camps

The Main Entrance Door #1 will be closed in June, but the Main Office will be accessible from Door #8 on Pine Street.    

The building as a whole will be accessible, but there will be some minor main hallway disruption from the gym to the boiler room at some point in order to run conduit, electrical, etc. 

This is a major construction project so there could also be unplanned and unforeseen disruptions. 

Work will be isolated to the gym, rooftop, and conduit to the boiler room

General construction work hours will be 6:00am - 2:30pm