District Dashboard

The Board of Education and the Administration of the LeRoy School District utilize this basic dashboard to keep our public informed of key areas of our district's performance.  

The focus is on Finance, Attendance, Enrollment and Student Achievement. 


The financial component is used to keep track of the ratio of our fund balances to our anticipated expenditures. We report out on all funds as well as our big three funds, Education, Transportation, and Building. Our desire is to maintain at 33% as our financial wellness ratio. The Attendance report is created to monitor the attendance of our staff and our students. Student and staff being in attendance is the obvious first step to academic achievement. We utlize the Enrollment report to ensure that we are routinely monitoring the trends in our school and community. The Student Achievement report is focused on the two areas of Reading and Math. We typically give assessments to measure progress three times per year, but it does vary by grade level. Currently our high school only gives landmark assessments in the spring, but with the current educational reform and the migration to a growth model, the High School will be moving to a similar model to that of the elementary.


We have recently added a student participation piece to our dashboard. We see the role of activity outside the normal school day as critical in the development of a complete graduate. Leadership, communication, teamwork, grit, and accountability are all a part of being a part of a team or organization.  These skills are essential to success in the 21st century global economy.


Link to the District Dashboard