Criteria for Choosing a School:
Bloomington, IL

Parents want to pick the school that will give their child the best education and the best chance at success. It's important to do thorough research before selecting a school near Bloomington, IL. Here's a list of tips and criteria from experts in the education sector - we hope this list both gives you a better idea of what to look for.


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Academic Programs

Schools nowadays should offer specialized academic programs to help students prepare for university and life after high school. The number of Advanced Placement or dual-credit courses offered speaks to how much is expected of students and whether the school will challenge their teen.


Depending on your area, you may be more inclined to select a private education for your child. With private schooling comes additional costs, which public schools do not have. In any case, it's important for you to be aware of any costs for which you'll be responsible before selecting a school near Bloomington-Normal.


Diversity refers to all sorts of factors, and we think it's important for a child's education. Will your child face different ways of thinking? Will the school challenge them and expose them to new ideas? Will your child grow? These are questions to ask before selecting a school.

School Size

In many ways, size goes hand in hand with diversity, as it will directly affect your child's learning environment. Size can impact the diversity of a school, and it can also affect the student-teacher relationship. A smaller school can offer a personalized, hands-on approach to help maximize each student's abilities, something a larger or private school can't always offer.

Testing Proficiency, Graduation Rate, College Attendance Rates

Graduation rates and college placement statistics reveal how successful a school is at seeing students through to the next level. With that said, those scores do not tell the entire story. You should visit and speak with the faculty before selecting one of the many schools near Bloomington-Normal.

Technology & Teaching methods

Is your prospective school providing its students with the best educational opportunities? Are students receiving access to useful technology? On the same token, is the school so focused on technology that it has lost its commitment to education? 

Extracurricular activities

Can students get involved? Does the school offer both activities geared toward student interest and toward building useful life skills? Is the prospective school near Bloomington giving students access to the best possible learning opportunities?

Parent interaction

How does the school make you feel? Do they encourage parent involvement? Do they keep you in the loop? Each school has its own distinct culture and social climate. This is something you'll need to experience before making your selection.

Further Criteria

We developed this additional assessment to determine whether your child's school is properly preparing him for a future job. Your school near Bloomington-Normal should:


1. Your child spends time each day on group work and group projects.

2. Your child is taught to focus on the process of thinking versus finding the correct answer.

3. Creativity is rewarded.

4. Excellent communication is being promoted vigorously at all levels.

5. Your child is becoming familiar with software and an engineering mindset.