A New School Year!

Welcome to an exciting 2022-23 school year!!!


It’s early August and the customary heat and humidity has arrived; our families are finishing up the County Fair and returning home from that final summer vacation.  Along with these typical trends comes the opening of school.  Registration has begun and we are welcoming our returning students as well as those that are new to the school district.


The District Auditorium is nearing completion which will help to normalize our arrival and dismissal process at the Elementary.  We have two key elements to complete; we are going to put in a new sidewalk with a curb on the North side of the Elementary entrance, and we will begin the construction of additional parking lot adjacent to Barnett.  With the exception of a few punch list items, we are only left with some final painting on the stage and hanging the curtains in the auditorium.  We anticipate having an open house in the new facility later in August.


Our teachers, paraprofessionals, and administration all had an active summer in professional development.  Our primary goal was to ensure that we could identify and execute on the most impactful instructional practices to close any academic gaps as well as look into the future and ensure an accessible path to post graduate opportunities for all of our students.  It has become clear in our preparation that our Habits of Success are the key building block to the foundation of skills that lead to our ultimate goal of “Productive Citizens.”


We continue to be grateful for the effort of our staff in making sure our school system is ready to open.  We are excited to provide high quality instruction and exciting co-curricular opportunities for all of our students.  We appreciate the support of our school community and are looking forward to the new school year.  IT’S GOOD TO BE A PANTHER!