Auditorium Construction Updates

While we are excited about the new auditorium, we recognize that throughout the construction process there will be various disruptions for our School Community and neighbors.  While some of those disruptions are a part of a construction project and not avoidable, the very least we can do is to keep you informed about the timing and nature of events associated with the Auditorium project. We are working to ensure a steady line of communication for all stakeholders who are impacted either by disruptions on or around our Elementary campus or in particular as large materials and equipment are moved through town.  We intend to use this as a "placeholder" for such information.


We are looking forward to the completion of this project and what it will create for our students and community, but we are sorry for the inconvenience along the way.


-LeRoy Board of Education & Administration


Dates and Activities

  • June 3, 2021- Beginning on Monday June 7, the delivery and setting of our wall panels will begin.  This will be the most disruptive few weeks of the project.  A large crane is required to set the panels.  The panels themselves are significant in size and even the delivery of the panels wlll create a distruption around town.  Everyone should expect the south drive to be completely closed from June 7 through June 28 at the least.  We are working with the LeRoy Police Department to assist in the traffic aspects of delivering the panels to minimize the disruption to the community.  While the inconvenience will be felt throughout the community for a couple of weeks, we are hopeful that by the July 4 weekend, the outline of the building will be fully visible.
  • May 14, 2021- Beginning next week, there will be an area off the new building site that will be reduced to one lane.  We have one more footing to be dug and it will push the safety fence out far enough that to safely navigate the area we will need to reduce the south drive to one lane for the remainder of the year.  Over the summer, that area of our drive will be widened to accomodate two lanes of traffic going forward, but that work can't be done without shutting down the drive completely.  For the next two weeks the south lane will be reduced to one lane in that area, there will be people assisting in directing traffic at arrival and dismissal.  If the weather delays the dig, the two lanes will remain open until the dig can be started.  Keep in mind, the south lane will likely be closed during the entire month of June.
  • May 8, 2021-  The south drive will be closed on Saturday.  The playground parking area will be available for the Baseball/Softball complex.   Weather permitting, we will be finishing the storm sewer work and will be moving a fire hydrant.  We are a month away from the wall panels arriving for the building.  That period of work will be busy and congested around the elementary campus.  We will make sure people are fully aware of the schedule for the wall panel delivery.
  • May 1, 2021- In order to minimize the distruption of a school day and ensure the maximum opportunity for the safety of our students, we will be using a Saturday to do some of the essential underground work.  We expect work on Saturday to begin around 8:00 and conclude around lunch time.  Contractors will be crossing our south drive to install new storm sewer and make the appropriate connections to existing lines.  This will result is some cut areas of the asphalt drive that will be backfilled with gravel until the completion of the project.  This work will require the operation of some heavy equipment and trucks.  It is our hope that Saturday work will be rare, but we recognize that especially when we are in session it may be our best option.
  • March 22, 2021 Launch of the Project