Closing Out SY2019-20

Students, Parents, Staff, & Community,


We are in the final weeks of the 2019-20 School Year and it is fair to say that it has not ended as planned.  It’s really hard to see our year end in such a manner, for our elementary students to not see the end of the year with their teachers and their classmates, to not be able to go on those memorable end of year field trips, and for our junior high students, especially our 8th graders, to enjoy the final months of being the oldest in their building, shortly before starting over as the youngest.  For our seniors, to lose prom, graduation as we know it, their spring season of sports, and even the senioritis that sneaks in during the spring months has been especially disappointing.


While it has been hard to watch all this happen, it’s also been rewarding to see how our students have engaged in this new learning environment; how our school has worked to provide for our families; how our teachers have embraced a new model of teaching as well as how they have worked to teach and learn from one another; and how our community has helped embrace this new but hopefully temporary normal with as much patience and support as possible.


As we look forward, there has already been quite a bit communicated, but as the State modifies the expectations and executive orders, there are some things being taken out of our hands.  Our hope is that those who are developing the mandates demonstrate the courage to adjust as the information and data changes.  We understand and obviously embrace the need for our students, families, and staff to be safe, but we also recognize the need for our children to be in school.  Some of you may have heard Governor Pritzker state recently, that schools should prepare for remote learning in the fall as well.  We believe that his intention was to say, be ready for it just in case, at least we hope that was his intention.  We will be developing and communicating plans for the 2020-21 school year throughout the summer.


Here is a list of current considerations and impacts from the current executive order.

  • LeRoy Schools will finish the year in a remote learning environment.
    • There is a plan for students to pick up belongings and materials from the school buildings.
    • LEARNING IN LEROY document outline
  • The current executive order allows for only remote learning in the summer
    • We have suspended our Summer Right Start Program​​​​​​​ letter to participants
    • Extended School Year for our students with Individualized Education Plans will be facilitated using a remote learning platform.
    • No other summer programming or congregating will be allowed that includes all of our customary athletic training and camps.
    • We will leave our “Choice Boards” up for students over the summer if any wish to engage in enrichment activities.  We strongly encourage our students to read over the summer.
  • We are expecting and planning to start school as normal with our teachers on August 17 and students on August 19.

We need to accept that there are no right answers at this point, and the decision makers need to be willing to adjust to the environment as it changes.  Our hope is that we are able to make the most reasonable decisions possible.  In doing so, our goal is to best serve our students, staff, and our community.