COVID-19 Updates & Information

April 21, 2020 Remote Learning In LeRoy

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April 10, 2020 Update

The April 20, 2020 meeting of the Board of Education will be held as a virtual meeting consistent with the Governor's Executive Order.  Anyone wishing to make public comment can email and your comment will be read into the public record as a part of the meeting.  The meeting will still be held at 7:00 on Monday April 20, 2020.


April 7, 2020 Update

There are some items that are shared concerns for all of us.  We wish we had answers or at least a plan to respond, but at this point there are too many unknowns to provide answers.  That said, we are in the process of developing a series of "what if" plans related to 5 key areas that we believe are concerns shared by many.  We don't yet know what the answers will be but hope to be able to communicate a vision within the next couple of weeks.  As we are all aware, many of the variables are out of our control.

Areas of Concern: High School Graduation, Junior High Recognition, Prom, IHSA Spring Sports, and Summer Programming at the Elementary


LeRoy CUSD #2 Families,


We are going to try to create a regular cadence of communication for our families throughout these unprecedented times.  It is our goal to provide you with as much current and relevant information as possible.  This post will be regularly updated and will be located under our “From the Superintendent’s Desk” on our district website.  We will attempt to make it as clear as possible, what is a part of the update so you don’t have to search throughout the posting for new information.


As a community, you have always shown up for our school district, our students, and our staff.  We are committed to stand in the gap for our students, families, and community during this time.  You have entrusted us with resources that will allow us to provide an opportunity to maintain a continuity of education and to ensure that our most vulnerable families have regular access to breakfast and lunch.  We are certain that there will be frustrations along the way.  We are engaging in a scenario that has never existed before and it is our belief that we will be better as a result of this extraordinary circumstance.  If you have a need in this time and we can assist in filling that gap for you, we will.


We are in the middle of a historical event that people will talk about for years to come.  This situation has the ability to provide an education that school alone could never adequately simulate.  Hopefully, we will examine and develop an enduring appreciation for our society’s interdependence, a real grasp of the relationship between personal responsibility and personal freedom, and an actual experience with how to be truly still.  It’s worth the time to be still and reflective.  We will get through this and will be stronger and more capable as a result.


Learning in LeRoy  click to open summary document




  • All of our school buildings are closed during the shutdown.  That includes the weight room and gyms.
  • We will have some staff that will report to work during the shutdown but we will abide by the designated social distancing.
  • Our school buildings will be accessible to our staff and can be made accessible to our students if materials or supplies need to be acquired at school.  We would ask that any student who needs access to the building during the shutdown period do so by making an appointment with the building staff.  At the elementary, email Mrs. Conn at, at the Junior-Senior High School, email Mr. Baughman at, and at the LPA, email Mr. Reschke at  Our offices will be open from 8:00 to 1:30 during the school closure.
  • If you have needs relating to certain topics, please use these emails
    • Food Service:
    • On-Line Learning:
      • Additional access opportunities to internet access for our students

      • Verizon call 800-540-4263

      • ATT 800-288-2020

      • Tmobile 800-937-8997

      • US Cellular 888-944-9400

      • Boost Mobile 866-402-7366

      • Sprint 888-211-4727

      • If you have access to Mediacom, they are offering some additional access to internet given the uniqueness of the situation.

    • Any general concern or celebration that you have, please contact your classroom teacher or your building principal.



  • We are going to leverage our ability to deliver instruction through on-line platforms where appropriate, and will use a packet model of instruction where appropriate.
  • Our staff will be available to interact with students and families during designated times.  Each teacher will communicate those times to their students and families.
  • Our special education staff and paraprofessionals will develop and communicate a plan to meet the needs for our students with IEP’s.  Our paraprofessionals will take a more direct role in interventions as appropriate for our students.
  • Our special education cooperative, TCSEA, will innovate as necessary to ensure that secondary services are provided to students.
  • Our intention is to focus on critical core concepts of learning.  We will have a significant focus on reading and math throughout the shutdown.  It is our intention to design instruction and lessons that are targeted to specific standards and competencies that correlate to grade level mastery of essential skills and knowledge.
  • Students will have access to enrichment opportunities as well as elective course content through "choice boards."  Link: CHOICE BOARDS
  • We are committed to assessing our students at the conclusion of this learning year to know for certain where they are as learners.  If deficits occur as a result of the loss in face to face instruction that is the core of public schooling, we will develop specific strategies to close those gaps for our learners.




  • We will be providing breakfast and lunch to any or our requesting families throughout the closure.  Form if you have not yet responded or if your circumstances change: MEAL REQUEST  click link to access the form.  Those meals will be distributed at the High School Cafeteria from 10:30 to 11:30. Any family that can’t get to the High School can have their meals delivered to their home around 12:00.
  • We are also seeking flexibility to leverage our resources to support local restaurants in the effort to feed our students while school is not in session.  We will keep our families informed as this information evolves.  This notification will be provided through our Facebook page as well as the on-line presence of our local restaurants. 
  • Any family that needs regular meal access should contact one of our building principals and we will develop a plan to assist.  These are unprecedented times and require unprecedented effort.



  • As many of our community members are working from home, you may need access to a room for meeting purposes during this time.  We have designated classrooms where you can abide by the appropriate social spacing required, and have access to our reliable high-speed internet.  If you need such access, you should email Karin Morgan at


NURSE’S NOTES (click on to go to resource page)


GUIDANCE COUNSELOR NOTES (click on to go to resource page)

  • Questions: Mrs. Levingston-



Monday, March 30     Remote Learning Planning Day

  • Food service will be available
  • There will be no remote learning for students

Tuesday, March 31     Remote Learning Day

  • Food service will be available daily throughout the closure
  • CALENDAR OF REMOTE LEARNING, this calendar reflects the possiblity of a closure for the remainder of the year.  We do not know if that is going to happen, but in order for all stakeholders to best plan, we feel it is appropriate to provide you with this calendar.  If at some point we are able to return to normal operations, we can do that with relative ease.