Crazy Commitment to a Great Cause

LeRoy Elementary has long participated in the American Heart Association’s “Jump Rope for Heart,” though the program was rebranded last year to reflect a wider range of physical activity for students and is now known as “Kids Heart Challenge.”  The LeRoy School and community remain committed to education and charity around heart health.  Nikki Egan and LuAnn Edmundson have facilitated a partnership with Advocate and the Young Hearts for Life program to provide every child the chance for a more comprehensive understanding of their own heart health.


The American Heart Association recently shared our lifetime charitable giving through the Kids Heart Challenge… $236,208 has been raised for heart research through our school and community.  In Kathy Schoenwetters’s final year as a PE teacher in our Elementary building, we raised $20,132.   What an unbelievable amount for our small school and community.


We share this as an opportunity to celebrate the selfless participation of our students and community to help others, to work for a worthy cause.  What a great community!!


Good to be a Panther!!