eMPower and SAT Suite Assessments

At LeRoy CUSD #2, we continue to express concern that a snapshot in a single moment in time is not the best measure of our student capacity or a complete picture of curriculum and instruction in our district. We cannot ignore that test data remains a significant measure of the progress for a school district.  The significance of the data and decisions made regarding the data is a critical component of defining our curriculum, teaching, and learning.  We remain committed to a more comprehensive approach to assessment, with linking assessments between grade levels, formative and summative classroom assessments, and authentic opportunities to demonstrate student learning.


In May, we are will initiate a partnership with Measured Progress to give a comprehensive assessment suite with the eMPower and SAT assessments.  It is important that we are able to measure academic growth of our students throughout the year.  We have been looking for a solution that fits our district goals for nearly ten years, and we believe we have found one with eMPower.  Our three primary objectives have been to find an assessment that 1) would not put significant stress on instructional time to administer, 2) provides timely feedback in order to facilitate our ability to respond instructionally, and 3) provides a way to support parents and students outside of our classrooms with an understanding of student learning levels and supports to improve upon those levels.




  • Aligned assessment battery that exists outside of state and federal assessments

  • Designed to measure growth in reading, writing, language, and math for Grades 3-8

  • Provides a predictive link to the SAT Suite in Grades 9-11


SAT Suite

  • PSAT 9 and 10 provide progress data in preparation for the SAT

  • SAT is given in 11th grade and is provided as a college entrance exam



  • We believe this series to be more responsive than current state and federal tests

  • Informs classroom instruction

  • Aligned to college and career readiness standards

  • Reports longitudinal growth Grades 3-8 within and across grade levels

  • Reports predictability to the SAT Grades 8-11

  • Alignment to Khan Academy to help parents and students with academic support as well as preparation for the SAT



  • Initial assessment May 2017

  • Fall, Winter, and Spring assessments 2017-18

  • Given in a short amount of time with minimal invasion to instructional time