IASA: Leadership Matters Magazine

The Illinois Association of School Administrators (IASA) publishes a monthly magazine that reveals some of the most significant issues facing our public schools.  The focus is on leadership and how effective leadership can work to move our schools forward even in the most challenging times.  We will begin to push that magazine through our website.  We believe that much of the information will greatly assist our Board of Education and our public in understanding the role that educational leadership plays in providing the greatest opportunities to our children.


We also encourage you to look for information related to “Vision 2020.”  This is a substantive effort by the IASA to establish a purposeful and attainable vision for Education in Illinois.  The committee responsible for this body of work had representation from throughout the state, and if it was not clear before, it is completely clear that we are a widely diverse state and solutions are incredibly complicated.  While complicated, they are not impossible.  You are encouraged to engage in understanding this path forward; after all, this path is really about your children.


Stay tuned!


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