LeRoy CUSD #2 Receives Accreditation from AdvancED

The primary purpose of the external review of our school system was to validate or challenge our approach to the business of educating our students.  It is important to understand two primary factors about the audit, 1.) It was a comprehensive assessment of the entire system, not of an individual building, grade level, or content area, and 2.) Various regional scoring irregularities and such a wide range of school assessments skew the comparison to the average.


The review found exactly what we anticipated in some areas, and really challenged us to own the gaps in other areas, in particular the area of assessment.  The findings were very positive; they observed very respectful and engaged students, a positive culture within our classrooms and beyond, strong peer supports between students, and a staff that genuine cares for our children.  They recognized the uniqueness of our approach to teaching and learning and celebrated both our commitment to what we believe in and in the impact of that system on student learning.  They also celebrated the Board of Education for their commitment to providing an environment that allows our staff to work in the best interest of each and every child.


So, where do we need to grow?

  1. If we are going to function with a high degree of autonomy and uniqueness, then we must develop assessment systems to measure our effectiveness.  We can’t rely on a third party to provide us with an authentic measure of success but rather celebrate what we believe in and develop our own.

  2. We need to develop comprehensive professional development that will assist in using data more effectively across the entire system in order to better understand the needs of our students.


How are we already responding?


  1. We are developing linking assessments between grade levels.

  2. Data days already exist in some areas of our district, but we are working on a more compressive use of our student data.

  3. There has been an intentional effort to embed what is working in our K-8 literacy model into our 9-12 teaching strategies, and provide the necessary professional development to facilitate that implementation.

  4. Our greatest challenge is to develop an assessment strategy for our High School students that will help us to understand if we have been successful as a “whole” system.  This is the one area that does not exist at this time at least not in a format that satisfies what we see as a measure of a successful educational experience.

The external visit was incredibly validating for the work that has been done by our staff and by our Board of Education to provide authentic 21st century educational opportunities to the students of LeRoy.  We should be very proud of our students, our staff, and our community.