Local Assessment Matters

Cognia Coming!

The primary goal of the LeRoy School district is to use assessment in the most purposeful manner to improve student achievement.  We are uniquely positioned with Cognia to provide valuable feedback to those designing both the testing and the reporting platforms.  It is our goal to provide our teachers, students, and parents with the most valuable and consumable information about student learning.  We believe that if we work collectively, the bridge built between the classroom and the kitchen table will lead to every child having the greatest opportunity to reach their individual academic potential.  As we continue to progress through this process, feedback from students, teachers, and parents will be essential to building out the best system for our students.  We will seek survey data as we progress through the winter and spring assessments and your participation is critical to our success. We continue to push back against the value of the State assessments as they do not deliver data in a timely manner, and they do not provide an appropriate real-time access point for parents to engage in understanding and assisting their children in the process of academic growth.  We believe in the Cognia Vision and are fully invested with them to fulfill our responsibility to the students of the LeRoy School System.  https://www.cognia.org/



We now have information on the updated Cognia Assessment (formerly eMPower).  LeRoy CUSD #2 will be the first and only school district to give this assessment during their initial release.  Additional partner schools will join the assessment during spring testing. The best news is that all of the features that have been brought together to build this assessment are proven platforms.  This helps us continue to have a strong belief that the assessment will be improved.


With the rollover to the new platform, we will not have the ability to give a fall assessment.  To ensure the system is fully ready to go, we will only be giving a winter and spring assessment this year.  Our winter test will be the week of December 9th as already planned.


The content of the test will essentially be the same as the eMPower assessments, and the student experience will be similar to previous assessment in TestNav.  The assessment will be given through a platform called eMetric with a delivery system called iTester. This system is used throughout Texas.  It is also used as the accountability model in Nevada, and in various other states. Reporting will occur through eMetrics Data interaction, which functions as an interactive data tool.  This will give us more dynamic and fluid data reports. Reports will be similar to what we have seen before, but will now allow us to disaggregate the data more effectively.


Our next steps are to get our data uploaded next week so Cognia can start to build our assessment and reporting mechanisms.  We anticipate demos in the near future so teachers, parents, and students have a sample of what to expect. The priority is to release sample parent reports in conjunction with parent-teacher conferences.  We will also soon have access to sample testing and reports.


We are excited to take these next steps with Cognia.  eMPower was a great assessment for us, but we believe the direction we are headed is even better.