New Era of State Testing in Illinois

LeRoy Partners with Cognia

The New Era of State Testing in Illinois


We have discussed State Assessments for years in our district.  As both internal and external stakeholder groups have engaged over time, we had concluded that unless the assessment provided real time data that would impact teaching and learning in a difference making manner, that it was of little value.  As a result of that conclusion, the LeRoy School System entered into a strategic partnership with Cognia to administer our local testing platform for the assessment of student growth and grade level proficiency. We are beginnning a new era of implementation with the Cognia assessment suite, and are excited about the redesign and what it will help in our understanding of each learner, allowing us to most effectively facilitate targeted assistance as well as enrichment.  We have written several times about our “why” related to this partnership, so we would encourage you to read more about our philosophy and how closely we are aligned to the vision of Cognia.




The State has and will continue to use the single State assessment to determine our “designations.”  That accountability model is not going to go away anytime soon. We remain committed to using assessment to the benefit of our LeRoy Students and our LeRoy School System, rather than commit to the single statewide assessment platform that still does not provide us with the real time data that we see as necessary to act in the best interest of our learners.


The State has improved their platform and have pushed the vendors for a more adaptive assessment as well as a scoring system that will deliver results in a more efficient manner.  That said, at this moment in time, while the desired design and implementation of the State assessment is better, there is still no plan for the actual administration of the assessment.  This leaves us in a position of uncertainty relative to the timing of the statewide assessment.


We respect and appreciate the effort of State leadership to improve upon the purpose of these assessments, but we remain skeptical of the actual deliverables for our students.  As a result, we remain fully committed to our Cognia assessment platform as the best and most appropriate way to inform our curriculum and instruction so that we provide the most appropriate learning opportunities to all of our students.


Letter from the State Superintendent