Our Next "Decade of Direction"

The Board of Education has begun the process of setting the next “Decade of Direction” for our School District.  Our vision of “Involved Community, Competitive Students, Productive Citizens” is still a fundamental guiding principle to all of our work.  It is also important to consider how our  “We Believe”  document guides our work.


What you can expect as a community: Our Board of Education will always make the most educated decision possible.  We are fortunate to have a unified Board, and it is important to understand what that means.  Our Board is unified in the expectation that they have all the necessary information in order to make the most informed decision possible.  They are unified in the desire to ask questions, to challenge perspective and initiative, but once satisfied, are able to move forward with a committed and district-focused purpose.  Nearly all of the work done by our district, that has a long-term implication, is done as a part of perpetual three-year strategic plans.  All future decisions are informed by the previous three years.  This process has allowed us to quantify a future vision, without losing sight of the path that exists in the moment.


Our work focuses in four critical areas: 1) Student Achievement & Accountability; 2) Financial Planning; 3) Facility Planning; and 4) Community Engagement & Transparent Communication. In general, here is what you will begin to hear about throughout the process of establishing our path for the next decade of work by the LeRoy School District.


Student Achievement & Accountability

  • Maintain a relationship with Cognia as a continuous improvement partner.
  • Continue to leverage the Cognia assessment platform to best inform our instruction, curriculum, interventions, and enrichments.  This is critical to our accountability and, if the platform reaches its’ full potential, will create an effective conduit between the classroom and the kitchen table for all of our families.
  • Continue to expand learning opportunities that exist outside the regular school year and the regular school day.
  • Reinvent the purpose and opportunity for the Junior and Senior year of the High School Experience.


Financial Planning

  • Management of our tax rate in order to keep it flat until we reach the end of our Bond Cycle, when our total rate will fall between $0.50 and $0.90.
  • Leverage the new State Funding model (EBF) to inform decisions related to resource allocation and local capacity.
  • Maintain appropriate reserves to ensure financial stability.


 Facility Planning

  • Develop a long-term picture of facility investment and establish a plan that informs the timing and funding of those projects.
  • Make regular investments in maintenance and incremental improvements in order to keep our facilities in good repair and capable of supporting a modern curriculum.
  • Ensure the on-going improvements of our technology infrastructure that will assist in both our educational programming and the security of our buildings.
  • Establish and implement a regular/routine maintenance program that is well documented and replicable regardless of staffing.


Community Engagement & Transparent Communication

  • Continue the commitment to our State of the School event in the spring of the year in order to provide insight to our community about the operations of our school district and to allow for the existence of a feedback loop between the school and community.
  • Continue to leverage the Cognia Climate Survey to get feedback from our students, staff, and parents.
  • Use technology to make information accessible to our public.  It is our goal to ensure that our community has ways to get relevant information.  Our websites and social media apps will be used to either push information to our public or act as a place holder for accessible information.
  • We are committed to the release of a comprehensive Strategic Dashboard that will illustrate both indicators of District operations as well as our strategies to achieve our goals.