Predictability in our School Calendar

In an effort to create predictability for our students, parents and staff, the Board of Education has adopted a basic outline for a standardized approach to our calendar.  While there will always be the need for some flexibility to account for special circumstances, as much as possible we believe that this allows for families to most effectively plan around our instructional days.


School Year 2018-19 Calendar                                   School Year 2019-20 Calendar


Standardized Elements


Start of the School Year: 2nd full week of August with the Monday and Tuesday being

teacher institute days and students starting on Wednesday. 


1st Monday in September: Labor Day – holiday.


Parent/Teacher Conferences: 1st full week in October with Wednesday and Thursday being

half student attendance days, conferences being held in the afternoons and evenings.  That Friday will be a day off for both students/staff.


2nd Monday in October: Columbus Day – holiday.


Thanksgiving Break: The days before and after Thanksgiving will continue to be

non-attendance days for students/staff.


1st Friday in December: We will use this as a full day of School Improvement for the

purpose of having the day to set up for Madigrals that will be held here at the school. 


Christmas Break:  We will try to take 10 days off between Christmas and

New Year’s depending upon when/how those days fall on the calendar.


3rd Monday in January: Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday – holiday.


Friday before Presidents’ Day: We will alternate taking that Friday off as an HOIC School Improvement Day with the 1st Friday in March as the School Improvement Day to align with the District State of the Schools Event


3rd Monday in February: This will be an emergency day- President’s Day 


Last full week in March: We will continue to use this week as spring break.


Good Friday: This Friday will continue to be a non-attendance day for students/staff.


Monday after Easter: This will continue to be an emergency day.


Last Teacher Institute: This will continue to be the last day of the school calendar. 


Last Monday in May: Memorial Day – holiday (if needed)


XED: Three days will be added at the end of the calendar for the rest of the emergency days.