Referendum Passes

Grateful for the Support


There will come a more appropriate time for celebration, but we would like to express appreciation to the community of LeRoy.  Yesterday, the community of LeRoy entrusted our school district with a great responsibility.  It is our intention to fulfill the promise of a best in the class facility for our students and community.  We will ensure that your trust is fulfilled.


We would also like to specifically thank those that helped to make this possible through the development of vision, planning, questioning, and promotion of the Auditorium Project.


Our Board of Education

Our “Panther Progress” Referendum Team

LeRoy Music Boosters

LeRoy Music Staff and Alumni

Architectural Expressions LLP, District Architect

PJ Hoerr, Construction Managers & Estimators

First Midstate Inc, Financial Advisors


Thank you all for your investment in our students, our programs, our families, and our community.  It’s good to be a Panther.