School Designations Released by ISBE

The LeRoy School System did well in the recent release of the new State designations, but it is important to remember the position that we have taken for several years and more earnestly in anticipation of the ESSA accountability model.  We remain committed to what we believe and value in the LeRoy Community. 


LeRoy Elementary: Commendable

LeRoy Junior High: Commendable

LeRoy High School: Exemplary


We still do not plan to invest greatly in the statewide assessment platform.  We believe that our Cognia testing platform provides us with better and more timely data.  We feel that the continuing evolution of their dashboard will ultimately build a better bridge between our classroom instruction and our parents’ ability to support their children in both interventions and enrichments.


It is possible that the breadth of what is now being taken into consideration within the calculation of the State Designations is more purposeful and appropriate.  We have long argued that our students are more than a moment in time test.  The new designations do not limit the calculation to the test score.  Our hope, our optimistic point of view: the State has built a reasonable measure and if we remain committed to our belief system, our values, and our purpose, then our School System will remain recognized as one that serves our students well and provides them with many opportunities beyond graduation.


While we are pleased with our designations, we are not going to make any more or fewer changes because they were good.  Had they not been as favorable, we would have continued on the same path with the same motivation.  #U2UB, we are committed to becoming a better version of ourselves each and every day.


There are a few documents attached at the bottom of this post that you may find helpful.


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LeRoy Journey

Multiple Measures of Student Success

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