#U2UB, an Infinite Game against Ourselves

Mr. Baughman awarded Mrs. Cooley yesterday with the district's first #U2UB t-shirt for all the work that she has done to create, promote, and facilitate our Special Persons day at the fall festival.  Her effort has demonstrated a unique effort to make our students' experience better.  That's it, Unit #2 doing Unique and innovative things in order to make our students' experience Better.


#U2UB is not about trying to communicate that our school district is better than any other school district.  It is purely about acknowledging our effort to be a better version of LeRoy from year to year, day to day, and moment to moment.  If we see it as our responsibility, which begins for many of our students in our PK classrooms, to ensure that our graduates have an informed path beyond the graduation stage, and our students are informed by opportunities, experiences, relationships, and learning, then we must work every day to innovate and challenge our status quo in order to meet that responsibility.  


We are competing against LeRoy, we are competing for LeRoy, we are focusing through the singular lens of making our school and our student's experience the best it can be for each and every child.  We don't have the time to worry about competing against others, we are busy enough focusing on our own house.  So, in every opportunity that we have to recognize when a member of our staff or community make opportunities, experiences, relationships, or learning better for our students, this #U2UB mission will be promoted through a periodic award of t-shirts.


We see the purpose of the LeRoy School System as never ending; so time never expires, the score does not matter, and we keep playing the game.  What matters... is our pursuit of a worthy cause.  What matters... is meeting our mission.  What matters... is fulfilling our vision.  What matters... is our students.


We the Community of LeRoy

Believe that every child must have multiple learning opportunities both within and beyond the classroom.

We strive to ensure that every child graduates with the knowledge, the skills, and the American Grit to make a difference in our society and to compete for a career in a complex global economy.

We are defined by a rigorous core curriculum taught by highly-educated professionals who embrace continuous learning. Our students are supported by authentic learning experiences that reach beyond the traditional classroom, allowing every child the opportunity for a more personlized education.

We have committed to an innovative approach to teaching and learning which embraces the willingness to take risks, the capacity of the individual learner, the diversity of interests, and the richness of technology.