How much will our operational costs increase with the new square footage?

Our audited Operations & Maintenance expenditures for the elementary building in Fiscal Year 2019

  • Materials & Supplies: $9,526
  • Electricity: $49,343
  • Natural Gas: $2,445

Making a pretty basic assumption that generally speaking the proportionate increase in square footage will create a correlating increase in the cost of operational inputs.  We are assuming that we will not have to add staff as our staff can absorb the additional square footage given the current work load and schedule.  As a reminder, the reason that our natural gas costs are so low, we have a geothermal system at the elementary, making electricity our primary source of energy.


The current square footage at the Elementary is 67,500 and the addition will add approximately 23,300 square feet, or approximately 35% more.  A very basic assumption of correlation would suggest that our operating costs will increase by $21,460 per year.  There are still a variety of design variables that will impac the exact calculation, the most significant of which will be the HVAC design.  While we do not know for certain the impact, the increase of $21,460 as an estimate is manageable in our Operations & Maintenance fund without any changes.