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Students joining Leroy CUSD (Community Unit School District) join a revered and successful group of schools committed to delivering a top-notch education to every student.


The district's superintendent, Gary Tipsord, has helped the school commit to continuous improvement and sustained high performance. For parents moving to the Bloomington-Normal area, Leroy CUSD should be at the top of their list.


Why Leroy CUSD?


For parents and families looking for a school near Bloomington-Normal, the schools within Leroy CUSD should be at the top of their list. Click the buttons below to contact us directly or to learn more about what makes us one of the most respected schools in central Illinois.


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Our mission statement drives us forward, and we are strongly committed to the ideals it lists. Each individual component goes toward our goal of providing the best educational opportunity for all students of our school system.

"I moved many many times as a child and among the dozens of schools, I went to all of which blur together in memory this gem stands out powerfully against the rest. It was here that I was inspired to do what I do for a career it was here that I had a safe haven from my troubled home it was here that I was told that I was special and trained in such a way as to not test well but truly learn well a concept far uncommon in today's education system. I adore this school." 

- A satisfied parent in Leroy, IL

Criteria For Choosing A School Near Bloomington

We outline the criteria we believe every parent or guardian should use to evaluate a prospective school district, especially ours. We're confident you will find Leroy CUSD a unique district from top to bottom in every manner.


Criteria for Choosing a School in Bloomington


Signs Of A Good School District Near Bloomington

Like many things, all school districts are not created equal. Over the years, we've noticed some habits of successful schools -- habits that lead to sustained success. These are habits we stick to and habits we teach our students. Below, we've listed the habits and characteristics you should look for in choosing a school district for your son or daughter.


  1. Strong, consistent performance on state assessments

  2. High teacher retention rate

  3. Successful post-graduation outcomes for students

  4. Lack of violent incident reports

  5. Focused, efficient Board of Education meetings


Questions To Ask Your School

Get the ball rolling and get to know your district! If you're overwhelmed at the prospect of a new school for your child, here are some places to start. We highly encourage parents asking questions to ensure your satisfaction and comfort knowing the amount of care our staff has for your loved ones.


Questions to Ask Yourself & Your School


So, Why Leroy CUSD?

We hope that you'll see the benefits and opportunities the Leroy CUSD has to offer. We think it's a special community and we hope that your child will feel right at home.


Leroy CUSD is also working to improve the education experience for students potentially interested in the medicinal field. The district partners with The McLean County Medical Society (MCMS) to host a Human Anatomy Cadaver Dissection Lab for High School Students who might be interested in a career in medicine. 


  • Students at Leroy schools earn test scores higher than the state average.

  • Leroy schools offer a better student-teacher ratio than both the state and national average.

  • Test scores higher than Bloomington IL, Heyworth IL, Mansfield IL, among others.


The city of Leroy is also conveniently located, planted approximately 30 minutes from Champaign/Urbana and 20 minutes from Bloomington-Normal. LeRoy is often referred to as the crossroads of downstate Illinois.  Interstate 74, and State Highways 150 & 136 all converge in LeRoy, providing a path to any direction that you could choose to go. On top of that, Illinois State University, University of Illinois, Heartland Community College, and Illinois Wesleyan University are just a short drive from LeRoy.

School Districts in the Bloomington-Normal area:

  • Dunlap Community Unit School District

  • Morton Community Unit School District

  • Gibson City-Melvin-Sibley Community Unit School District 5

  • Tri Valley Community Unit School District 3

  • Heyworth Community Unit School District 4

  • Bloomington School District 87

  • Mclean County Community Unit School District 5

  • Morton Community Unit School District 709


From Gary Tipsord, Leroy CUSD's superintendent:

"My children and now my grandchildren can attend one of the best school districts in the state. A district which embraces the latest technology and learning techniques; which doesn't forget about the kids who have special needs; which has LIFE, STEM, LeRoy Preparatory Academy, RIGHT Start, before and after school care and a cadaver lab. A school district which offers children the opportunity to explore the arts and participate in sports and many other activities. And despite the State of Illinois a school board which has been frugal enough to keep the doors open with most of its programs intact."

Leroy Elementary Schools

We take great pride at LeRoy Elementary in motivating your child. We will actively serve as "Star Polishers" in your child's life. The vision of LeRoy Community Unit School District #2 is an involved community, competitive students, and productive citizens. The mission of the Board of Education is to support and participate in the process of creating the best educational opportunity for all students of our school system.

LeRoy Elementary supports this mission by setting high expectations for student learning and conduct. We strive to develop academically strong, self-regulated learners who demonstrate respect. Students at LeRoy Elementary School will be challenged, motivated, celebrated, and cared for by our outstanding faculty and staff.


Leroy Jr-Sr High School

We have partnerships with the Bloomington Area Career Center to further enhance the opportunities for our students, our local business community provides real-world work opportunities through a Senior Internship Program, and Parkland College continues to provide complete access to our students.


Leroy Preparatory Academy

Success at the LPA is any day that both the students & staff are actively engaged in the same pursuit. We can open the doors to opportunity for any child, regardless of their circumstances or disability if they bring a good attitude and put forth effort.


Best School District Near Me

In a recent evaluation by third-party assessor AdvancED, the school received praise and encouragement. The assessment recorded respectful and engaged students, positive culture within our classrooms and beyond, strong peer supports between students and staff that genuinely cares for our children.


All of this goes a long way toward making Leroy CUSD the best local school district near Bloomington-Normal. We want families new to the area to feel comfortable.


The assessors also recognized the uniqueness of our approach to teaching and learning and celebrated both our commitment to what we believe in and in the impact of that system on student learning.  They also celebrated the Board of Education for their commitment to providing an environment that allows our staff to work in the best interest of each and every child.


Leroy CUSD is also committed to giving students opportunities to complete dual credit and AP courses, which have been shown to be hugely beneficial for high school students, especially those planning to attend college. In fact, recent data shows that students who were exposed to college coursework while in high school were 2.2 times more likely to enroll in a two- or four-year college, two times more likely to return after the freshman year of college, and 1.7 times more likely to earn a college degree within six years.


These statistics don't tell the entire story, but we are encouraged by the consistent performance of our students and by the success they have after graduating from Leroy High School. Altogether, we feel comfortable saying that Leroy CUSD is the best school district Bloomington IL.

Living In Leroy, IL

Le Roy has much to offer as a community. Our recreation center, The Replex, offers indoor and outdoor pools, gymnasium, running/walking track, and more. We also have a 9-hole golf course, swimming pool and a clubhouse with restaurant.

  • The cost of living in Le Roy is 9% lower than the Illinois average.

  • The cost of living in Le Roy is 11% lower than the national average.

  • The cost of housing in Le Roy is 25% lower than the national average.

  • The overall crime rate in Le Roy is 37% lower than the national average.

  • Le Roy is safer than 66% of the cities in the United States.

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Best School District Near Bloomington-Normal: 
Leroy CUSD #2

Our belief is that schools are a reflection of the surrounding community, as well as an expression of how that community values its children -- its future. The town of Leroy, a nearby neighbor of the thriving Bloomington-Normal community, is committed to providing its students a top-notch education, and we hope that you'll come to call our area home.


Leroy CUSD

600 E. Pine, LeRoy IL 61752