GRIT Award & Hall of Fame

What is GRIT? Mental toughness, courage, determination, confidence, perseverance, passion, motivation, and self-control. At LeRoy Elementary we recognize students each quarter who have displayed these qualities during our GRIT Assembly. Award winners receive a certificate and a GRIT T-shirt. Students are learning the importance of working hard, not giving up, and success!


What is the Hall of Fame? 5 pillars comprise the Hall of Fame: Leadership, Communication, Personal Skills, Creativity, and Dependability. Individuals within our school who exhibit actions related to one of the pillars are added to LeRoy Elementary's Hall of Fame display. Students are helping to make our school a positive, supportive, and accepting place where everyone feels valued.


New to our GRIT Assemblies?  This year we will be featuring and Honoring Our Local Heroes who have served in the military. As a school community, we will proudly celebrate and honor one local service member at each GRIT Assembly.  We want to show our gratitude for his/her service and GRIT.