Newsletter - Register for Summer

Spring is an exciting time of year with many fun-filled activities for students.  We hope you enjoy your family time this spring at the park, Replex, ballfields, Crumbaugh library, on walks, or playing games in the neighborhood.  Play builds curiosity and students discover their love for learning, building, problem-solving, and thinking critically beyond the classroom. We celebrate these learning opportunities with you!  We thank you for being your child’s 1st teacher! As you embrace the sights, sounds, and smells of spring try to establish consistent routines for your child to increase daily success at school. While challenging, a set bedtime is important as we work to finish strong during the 4th quarter.  Just remember, school is your child’s “work day.” They are learning to read, strengthening their writing abilities, and thinking more deeply about mathematics. So, thank you for providing them the best opportunity to be successful as they enter the doors of LeRoy Elementary School each morning!


Remember to join us for our upcoming SPRING MUSIC CONCERTS & fill out the PARENT INPUT SURVEY for CLASS LISTS.  



  • Summer Programming registration is open! Check out the brochure 2019 Summer Catalog

    • QUESTIONS about Summer Programming?

Contact Mrs. Maggie Baughman at or 962-4771 ext. 306


  • Be sure to fill out the Parent Input Survey by April 10. Your answers help the staff determine the best classroom fit for your student for next school year.

NEW HIRE:  Miss Paige Reynolds - Grade 6.  Graduate from Illinois State University.  Will go the “extra” for students!


Important Dates

April 19 No School - Good Friday

April 22 School in Session

April 25 Spring Concert - Grades 3 & 4.  RVS Gym. 6:30PM

May 16 Spring Concert - Grades 5 & 6.  High School Cafetorium. 6:30PM