Welcome Back!

I am excited to share with you that we are going to begin this school year building strong relationships with students.  Building-wide, the 1st three days will be focused on making connections with your child and understanding his/her story.  Our goal is simple - foster a JOYFUL learning climate and culture for ALL students.  Welcome and celebrate EVERY CHILD!


Our school family is EXCITED to welcome our new students & staff.  As a school family, we will ensure a positive transition for our new students & staff.  WE are so happy you chose LeRoy Schools!  We are proud to announce that our GRIT and Hall of Fame programs will continue to feature and recognize students of outstanding leadership, perseverance, and character.  Honoring our local heroes will continue to be a part of our GRIT assemblies, as well.  At LeRoy Elementary School, we believe that every child must have multiple learning opportunities both within and beyond the classroom.  We are committed to an innovative approach to teaching & learning which embraces the willingness to take risks, the capacity of the individual learner, the diversity of interests, and the richness of technology.  We are ready for a magnificent school year!  We are seeking a partnership with you.


Introduction of New Staff Members
PreK/RIGHT Start - Gina Talbott (aide)                                    Grade 4 - Jess Sostaric (teacher)
Grade K - Hannah Lund (aide)                                                 Grade 4 - Kristen Reynolds (aide)
Grade 1 - Danielle Hanshew & Barb Dean (aides)                 Grade 5 - Sarah Anderson (teacher)
Grade 2 - Jasmine Kyler (teacher)                                           Grade 6 - Paige Reynolds (teacher)
Custodian - Mark Fritcher                                                        Grade 6 - Shelly McCarty (aide)