September Principal's Message

September Parent Message


Labor Day is the traditional mark for school being fully underway.  We are now just over two weeks into the school year and, hopefully, students and staff are into their routines for the year.  Fall sports are in full swing and everyone seems to have survived Fall Festival week.  Yes, school is officially back. 


As the school year evolves, there are a few things to keep in mind to help your child be successful.  Most importantly, encourage your child to fully engage in the learning process.  The more students take ownership of their own learning, the more successful they will be.  This includes advocating for themselves to their teachers and doing their work.  These tasks alone will result in successful completion of their classes.  Encourage your child to communicate with their teacher if they do not understanding something or if they are unsure of expectations.  Their engagement in conversation with teachers will show their value of their success.  If you as parents have questions, please contact your child’s teachers.  They are the most knowledgeable about what is going on in class and how to help your child. All of our teachers care about their students’ success and are here to help with learning, accountability, and to prepare students for life after graduation.   


Last year, we introduced our Habits of Success.  We will continue to focus on our HOS for students this year and have asked that all teachers incorporate them into their classes.  The purpose of the Habits of Success is to develop and foster the skills, traits, and habits necessary for our students to be productive members of society.  Through the Habits of Success, we can separate skills and learning habits from content knowledge, academic achievement, and academic growth.  As we encourage and develop skills in the Habits of Success, we can emphasize the transfer of these soft skills from school to career.  As a district, we believe these are the skills students need to be successful after high school in anything they choose to do.  If our students can master these skills in a world where the jobs and careers of tomorrow do not yet exist, we believe we will have prepared them to be successful.  Please see the attached image of our Habits of Success. 


Finally, I want to refer you to an e-mail sent from the district last week regarding our on-going district continuous improvement and assessment partners.  This will most likely ring a bell as our eMPower assessment given to our 3rd-8th graders over the past three years.  With the merger of two of our partners (AdvancED and Measured Progress) to form Cognia, our Grade 3-8 assessment will be delayed this year.  We are hoping to have more information regarding this assessment by the end of September.  We are looking forward to improvements to already good products for assessing student learning.  Please see the following link for a more detailed message from Mr. Tipsord.



Jeff Baughman, Principal



Key Upcoming Dates

September 2

No School – Labor Day


September 16-21

Homecoming Week


October 9

11:30 Dismissal

12:30 – 6:30 Parent-Teacher Conferences


October 10

11:30 Dismissal

12:30 – 6:30 Parent-Teacher Conferences


October 11

No School, No Parent-Teacher Conferences


October 14

No School – Columbus Day



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