Why Leroy?

Big Opportunities are Waiting for Your Family

You know what’s important to your children’s education and what you expect out of a K through 12 school district. So you might be asking yourself, Why Leroy? What makes our small-town school advantageous when compared to larger towns’ public schools?


Well, everyone from our administration to our custodial staff shares these values:

  • Competitive Students

  • Productive Citizens

  • Involved Community

These attributes come from equipping students with the knowledge, real skills, and a sense of American Grit. Read: “We the Community of Leroy Believe...” and more below about our district's focus.


Excele Rate Award of District Excellence

This is how we serve our students and parents.

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Criteria for Choosing a School  //  Questions to Ask your School

A Bright Start

All of these values begin from day one at Pre-K or Kindergarten. We care immensely about a comfortable learning environment for our youngest students.

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Future Education & Vocation

Located conveniently between Bloomington-Normal and Champaign-Urbana, Leroy CUSD provides unique exposure to resources and jobs far and wide.

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Fostering an Involved Community

We bring together parents & educators in order to ensure your child has a great experience. Small-town life can be beneficial to all involved.

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Going Beyond the Classroom

Producing students with competitiveness need a glimpse of what their future holds. Here's what students have access to outside our doors.

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