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Mission, Beliefs, and Goals

Involved Community, Competitive Students, Productive Citizens

The LeRoy CUSD #2 Board of Education will support and participate in the process of creating the best educational opportunity for all students of our school system.


 Student Achievement

  • To show student growth on an annual basis

  • To provide a technology-rich environment to enhance teaching and learning.

     Community Relations

  • To communicate on a regular basis.

  • To be a part of the economic planning process.


  • To create a facility improvement plan that will ensure our facilities provide the best educational opportunities.

  • To establish clear expectations for the care and maintenance of our facilities.


  • To adopt only a balanced budget.

  • To build reserves equal to 180 days of operating expenses.

As a Board of Education, we believe:

  •      All students must be given the opportunities to be educated to their fullest potential.

  •      Pre-K through 12 curricula must be articulated vertically from the highest level.

  •      Our expectations of performance must keep pace with a 21st Century World Economy.

  •      Intellectual curiosity is essential to the maximum achievement of the educational community.

  •      Diversity is essential to our students’ success in a global economy.

  •      Education must be valued by the community.

  •      Parents are partners in the educational process.

  •      A well-articulated and shared vision is the foundation for organizational advancement.

  •      Communication is essential to maximize the success of our school system.

  •      First class facilities are a key component of a first class education.

  •      Our schools must be safe.

  •      Financial wellness is essential to the sustainability of our school district.

  •      Our school must participate in the economic growth and development of our community.

  •      Board elections must be competitive in order to provide adequate representation.

  •      Our faculty and staff have the greatest responsibility in our country, “our children.”