Heat Advisory Guidelines

Panther Families,

In recent years, we have come accustomed to some pretty bitter winters, but it would not be Illinois weather if we did not experience extreme fluctuations in temperatures in both directions.  As you probably know, we are under a Heat Advisory for much of this week.  We are fortunate that all of our buildings are air conditioned, but we do have occasions when students go outside and our buses are not air conditioned.  

In anticipation of the heat index, we encourage you to dress all students in loose, lightweight, light-colored clothing, and have them bring a water bottle with them to school each day.  There are filtered water stations at school to refill bottles as well.  Outdoor activities, such as PE and recess, will be limited or held inside.  

We will keep bus windows open during the day to allow airflow to keep buses as cool as possible.  With full buses, we cannot emphasize enough for students to wear loose, lightweight, and light-colored clothing.  We will also have students fill water bottles before bus dismissal.  If your elementary child is a regular bus rider and you are opting not to have them ride the bus home this week, please communicate with your child’s teacher to let them know your alternative plans.  

Athletic decisions will be made on a daily basis per IHSA Heat Policies.  These policies will drive decisions whether to hold practices or competitions.  

Have a great first full week of school.  Stay cool!  Go Panthers!

Jeff Baughman